Just Name Your Show or Event

So what type of stripper show are you looking for? Do you want a stage show, xxx show, lap dance, waitresses serving you drinks, conversation with a sexy stripper walking with you throughout the yacht ride? Whatever it maybe, you will get exactly what you are wanting to see using our erotic and talented brisbane strippers at your gathering. There is no need to wait hours on end with a stripper coming to you. You can have a 5-minute or 15-minute dance with the stripper of your choice.

Avoid the Competition

Going to the strip clubs is such a disadvantage to your party. There are numerous guys and gals there all looking to have a good time. These sexy strippers are torn between whom to devote their attention to for the evening. They want to please everyone and enjoy the company of those willing to spend time with them. However, you want to spend your money wisely and get the attention you deserve. That’s why hosting your own event with our promo girls will make everyone feel special and get the personalize attention they’ve been waiting for.

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